Code: PET 448- Biking Northern Ethiopia- Simien Mountains
Duration: 13 days/ 12 nights
Transport: Surface

Highlight: Ethiopia contains the biggest range of mountains in Africa, unspoilt, almost untouched, and perfect for mountain bike exploration. This is one of many surprises in store when you visit Ethiopia. This is a land full of new experiences and the warmth of the welcome you receive will make you want to discover more of them.
We ride over alpine passes, volcanic areas, rolling tundra, the deepest jungle, forested areas and sometime even tarmac. We visit local villages, monasteries, flora and fauna and places of historical note on our specifically designed routes.



Day 1: Arrive Addis Ababa. O/N hotel
Day 2: Fly Addis to Bahir Dar. After check into the hotel start biking to Tiss Isat to visit Blue Nile Falls and back to Bahir Dar for overnight Hotel. (70 Kms graveled road)
Day 3: Biking from Bahir Dar to Gondar. O/N Hotel. (183 kms- scenic asphalt road- altitude from 1800 m at Bahir Dar & 2400 meter at Gondar)
Day 4: Biking from Gondar to Debark- the headquarter of Semien Mountain National park. O/N- Hotel or camping. (altitude 2800 meters)
Day 5: Biking from Debark through Limalimo to Adi Arkay. O/n local hotel or camping. (76 Kms zigzag   road and ups and down)
Day 6: Biking from Adi Arkay and back to Debark with same road. O/n Semien Park hotel or camping.
Day 7: Regeneration. O/n same place
Day 8: Biking from Debark to Sankaber (3200 meter) and proceed to Chenek (3600 m) (60 Kms and rough road). O/n camping
Day 9: Biking from Chenek to Janamora with rough road and come back to Chenek. O/n camping
Day 10: Biking from Chenek to Debark (2800 m). O/n hotel or camping
Day 11: Biking from Debark to Gondar through the same road. O/n Hotel.
Day 12: Fly back Gondar to Addis. O/n hotel
Day 13: Biking to Mount Entoto-the highest peak in Addis. It is a very nice place for the panoramic view of the city (3200 meter + Asphalt road). Back to the hotel. Evening farewell dinner party and then departure.

Code: PET 449- Biking South east Ethiopia- Bale Mountains
Duration: 10 days/ 9 nights
Transport: Surface


Day 1: Arrive Addis Ababa. O/N hotel
Day 2: City tour and biking to the top of Mount Entoto (3200 meter). O/N Hotel
Day 3: Drive to Nazereth and bike to Sodere. O/N Hotel
Day 4: Drive to Assela and start biking to Mount Kaka (4190 meter) and proceed to Adaba. O/n Hotel
Day 5: Drive up the steep climb into the Bale Mountains. At the top of the first ridge, at 3900 m, bike for the long ride through the Gasay region of the Bale Mountains National Park. O/N Hotel/ Lodge/ Camping.
Day 6: Bikking to Sanetti Plateau and to Mount Tullu Deemtu at 4377. This is an opportunity for some amazing views over the Bale region, and a world class downhill. Ride back to Goba. O/N Hotel.
Day 7: Drive to the edge of the Bale Mountains and ride back to Adaba. O/N Hotel
Day 8: From Adaba short drive to Kofele, on the edge of the Rift Valley. Cycling the dirt road from here brings into the heart of the valley. Reach the busy town of Shashemene and continue riding to Wendo Genet, famous weekend resort center. O/N Hotel
Day 9: Heading northwards through Ethiopian Great Rift Valley region to the small town of Arsi Negele and ride Abijata Shalla Lakes National Park and Lake Langano- it is the only lake in the region which is safe for swimming- a great way to cool off before lunch at the hotel there. After a relaxing meal ands swim it’s time to head back to Addis. O/N Hotel.
Day 10: Visit Museums & Market. Evening farewell dinner party and then departure.

Into the Omo River Valley-01
Omo River Gorge-01
On the Road from Dodola to Wendo Genet-01
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