• Code: PET3002: Bahirdar, Lake Tana Monasteries & Gondar
  • Duration: 3days/2nights
  • Transport: Air and surface


Day 1: Fly to Bahirdar (45min), and drive to the hotel (20min),  "will have boat excursion on Lake Tana/ 45min one way/
Lake Tana; the source of the Blue Nile River -the largest lake in Ethiopia (3600sq.meter) is home to thirty-seven islands, of which twenty shelter churches of significant historical and cultural interest. visit the nearest Monasteries of Azwa Mariam and Ura Kidanemehret  , originally built in the 14th century by Abune Yohannes, later by Emperor Iyasu I in the early 18th century) that is one of the several in the area containing frescos, elaborate painted ceilings, church crosses, crowns and attires of former Ethiopian kings and emperors.

Overnight Hotel "Day 2: Drive to Gondar,(183 Kms, 3hrs) “the Camelot of Africa”, the 17th and 18th century capital of Ethiopia. After check into the hotel you will have a sightseeing tour. That includes:
 -The ‘’ROYAL COMPOUND” with many majestic castles constructed in the European middle age architectural style, these are: the two storied palace of Emperor Fasiledes
(1632-1667), Library of Fasilidas’s son Emperor Yohannes (1667-1682); a nearby Chancellery; the saddle- shaped castle of Yohannes’s son, Emperor Iyasu I(1682-1706)) ; the large hall or ‘house of song’ of Emperor Dawit III (1716-1721), in which many ceremonies took place in former days; long V-shaped reception and the two – storied palace of the latter’s redoubtable consort, Empress Mentewab.
-Bath of Fasiledes- (bathing palace): it stands in a rectangular, neatly walled depression, which is filled with water once a year for the Timket (EPIPHANY) celebrations, and, though popularly referred to as a ‘bathing palace’.
 -The finest of the Gonderian churches is that of Debre Berhan Silassie or ‘Trinity at the mount of light’. It was built during the reign of Emperor Iyasu (1682-1706), the church was never destroyed. It is said that when the dervishes tries to burn it in 1881 they were attacked and dispersed by bees.  The church is rectangular, similar to those of ancient Axumite architecture. The inside walls of the front room are covered with paintings on cloth, glued to the surface. The ceiling is built with thick beams and it decorated with winged angel heads looking down. The wall paintings depict scenes from the life of Christ, Mary, and Saint, the Trinity.

Overnight Hotel.

Day 3: Transfer to the airport and fly back to Addis; sightseeing. Evening farewell dinner party in Ethiopian traditional restaurant with Music and dances from the different ethnic groups

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